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In order to become the best trainer for our horses, we have to develop our feel and have a well-structured, step by step process. Without the one or the other, there will always be something missing in our training. I will teach you how to connect better to yourself, gain deeper knowledge about your horse, and how to build up your training so you can become the empathetic, skilled rider you always wanted to be!

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Academic Art of Riding With Bettina Biolik

Hi there, my name is Bettina Biolik. I’m a licensed Bent Branderup Trainer and international clinician. Teaching and horses are my two big passions in life and I would like to invite you to my classroom! My classroom is a safe learning space. For me, because I can show you more of myself and my horses, just as if you were coming over for a visit. And for you, because you can connect with like-minded people and don’t feel judged. I welcome riders of every level and horses of all ages and breeds. Moreover, you don’t have to commit to a lengthy, expensive training program but have full cost control and receive valuable content! Stay as long as you like – any time!

If you are looking for a trainer who will explain dressage exercises to you, but who will always put the horse and its mental state first, you’ve come to the right place. As one of my students has put it: my specialty is dressage without stress. I really want to help you connect to your horse and to develop a beautiful bond with your best friend. In the classroom, you will get to know all about biomechanics, how to do things, how to build up the training, and will teach you groundwork, work in hand, longe work, riding, and also some liberty training. The art of riding is a life-long journey – let’s travel some time together!

What you can learn in the classroom:

  • Getting to know yourself and your horse better
  • Building a trusting relationship with your horse
  • The importance of your horse’s relaxation, focus, and motivation.
  • Reaching a deeper understanding of dressage exercises
  • Understanding the process and how steps build on each other
  • How to set up the horse for success in groundwork
  • How to work the gaits for more balance and strength in longe work
  • Achieving the next level of skill through work in hand
  • Developing your seat as the primary aid
  • The tools to structure your horse’s education
  • Communicating with your horse at liberty

Sample content: Using an inner picture to teach quarters-in in groundwork

Sample content: Introduction to indirect rein and how to hold four reins

Bettina Biolik Impressions